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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Hand,Color Changing Polish&Dotting Tools a Bornprettystore Review

Bornpretty Review

I have never had something to practise on. I came across Bornpretty, I found many things that I would like to try, They always have coupon codes on Facebook ( Usually 10%)

So I decided that I would get a practise hand that is $7.59 I figured for that much might as well try it. I had seen some of the reviews and that's when I was like "I'll go for it". I couldn't just get one thing lol I had to add something Else to the order and what better then Dotting Tools! Get this Color changing nail polish!!.. I have to say that their shipping can be VERY slow. but I received this within 2 weeks.

The Hand- Sounds like something out of a horror movie LOL, okay here is my review.

When getting the hand it was extremely stiff, with a bit of moving the fingers it was easier to have them in the position i wanted them in. When looking closely at the hand I noticed that there were groves along the cuticle area to insert nail tips...None of my tips fit in the hand. I then noticed the nail bed where very VERY flat. i tried to glue the tips in like someone in the reviews suggested and they just fell out and looked REALLY weird with the hand because the bed was so flat. I gave up after trying to get tips in the fingers for 2 hours.

* Turns out that you have to use like sticky tack and then press the nail in*

Pros- Great for beginners to learn how to do nail art.
         Great way to show off your creativity.
         You can use it for acrylic, gel and wrap practise.
         Great price!

Cons- As of now the nail tips will NOT stay in the hand.
          Looks really weird when the nails are in but I'm sure that can be worked around.

Dotting tools- They are amazing perfect sizes to create many different sized dots. They have a cool marble look to them and they are just great you cant go wrong. if you love doing nail art these are a MUST!!!

Color changing nail polish- It takes a couple coats of the polish and BAM you put your hands in warm water and it changes and the original color bleeds back in. I love this stuff if I don't have a picture of this here there will be one soon. I loved playing around with its and the best part is that it doesn't have that strong nail polish smell!! I love this stuff I want it in every color.

So there you have it my FIRST order from bornpretty :)

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  1. Wow, that color changing nail polish is like magic! I definitely need some of those. :)