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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Otter Box review

Otter Box ReviewBought from: Amazon.ca

After hesitation on buying the new iPhone, I finally caved in.  I couldn't be more happy with the phone!  

It has everything I need, I was very slow to getting one and this is my first apple product.  

I love the nice slim design and how it feels weightless in my hands, right away i thought about protecting my very expensive phone. I didn't know anything and went off to a dollar store where I bought a simple case for 10.00 that just covered that back (I don't know what more I was expecting) I walked back in and bought a screen protector,  

I am not very good at these things and I ended up going through 2! and it was all bubbly and didn't stick right so I just threw them away. 

I recently heard about otterbox's  As I love to be outdoors whenever possible I looked into getting one and what they were even about. WOW, I was surprised the amount of money would take me at least 5 months to save up from my strict budget.  

My neighbors daughter has taken a big liking to my iPhone, I don't mind one bit but hovering over her to make sure she doesn't break the phone was bothersome. 

So again I sat and pondered. Then it came to me! I have been earning the amazon.ca Gift certificates for the past year a half, I went browsing on Amazon.ca and I found it for less than I had originally seen! I was so happy I paid a bit extra for the 2-day delivery and today in the mail it arrived.
 After reading some reviews I was hesitant but it more then happy with what I received

It was so easy to install I had no problems at all!!

The best part is that to me it cost me nothing at all!!! through earning point with Swagbucks

If you want to buy the same case CLICK HERE 

****** UPDATE*******

The neighbors toddler LOVES my phone, it was dropped two times and cried on. After a quick wipe everything was perfect!!! I REALLY recommend this if you have kids that use your iPhone!!!!

Another update: It's still going strong, there is nothing wrong other then small scratches on the screen protector, better it than the phone. it has really held up and really worth what I paid. I'm 100% happy that i went with this case.

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