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Monday, 17 June 2013

6 Important things to Consider before getting a Puppy/Dog

Things to consider Before getting a Puppy or Dog.

1. Dogs Are energetic especially puppy's and sometimes require allot of patience  and time. If you are never going to be home or go on long trips for long periods then choosing the right breed would be best. Also investing in a dog walker would be best so your dog is not bored or you know that your dog is properly being cared for.

2.  Get a dog appropriate to your surroundings, don't get a large breed when living in an apartment. Large dogs should be in a large space to accommodate their size.

3.puppies require allot of training to be housebroken, they love to chew and explore, if you don't have the time or money then as always consider adopting an older dog that is already house broken.

4. Make sure you buy all the things needed such as proper fitting collars, bowls and toys. Make sure expensive items like shoes and jewelry are out of reach.

5. ALWAYS make sure to get the puppy's first shots as they can get parvo as puppies and get really sick and die, most breeders should have the first shots for all the puppies and you should get the paperwork! If the puppy has not gotten its 1st shots then please keep them inside until they receive the proper first shots!

6. Always consider pet insurance, you never know when something may happen! So many times i read about people not having enough money for the vet when something happens, this can be avoided if your pet is insured and can help to save you money in the end, instead of having to come up with a mortgage payment to get your dog proper care.


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