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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Woolie Bubblez Review and Giveaway

If you haven't Heard of these thing don't worry i will try my best to better inform you about what Woolie Bubblez are and what they do. 

Dryer balls are a unique way to leave your clothes soft and static free. They make the drying process more economical.
When placed in the dryer, The balls help to lift and separate clothing, reducing drying time as well as leaving clothes oft and fluffy.
They work by improving the circulation of the heat and air through wet items.

The Bubblez (balls) Eliminate the need for dryer sheets, They are natural rather then chemical.
 They save money as the Bubblez are reusable.

They are ideal for people with sensitive skin as they are non-toxic.

They are economical as they reduce drying time by up to 40%. 
You will save money on electrical bills and your energy consumption will decrease.

They will last at least one year.  If you add scents to your woolies, the scents won't last a full year, but you can always scent them again.

I Got the chance to try Woolie Bubblez and i have to say that i noticed that my drying time was reduced by at least 30% any money saved in this house is a blessing, no more dryer sheets OR fabric oftener. I opted for the scented Bubblez and they smelled SOOOO good i wanted to eat them!!! This company is a home run business and local to Niagara Region. I Love supporting local businesses. If you cant wait and want to order now you can through the Facebook page Woolie Bubblez. So one lucky person is going to win a Set of Woolie Bubblez!!! 

Have you ever tried them? What Scent if any would you pick?

* I was given a Set of Bubblez to try in exchange for a honest opinion of the product.*  a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Haven't tried YET...Sun Your Bun ounds VERY appealing

  2. Monique Desmarais25 November 2013 at 16:44

    I have not tried them yet.

  3. Never heard of them but can't wait to try them

  4. I havent tried these ones would love to win ty!