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Monday, 24 February 2014

Small Closet solutions

Okay we all have them, small spaces , awkward spaces and so on.

Well i have been living where i am for 5 years and i am just realizing that most of my crafty "storage solutions" really aren't that great. I don't have much clothing, purses. but my closet was over flowing with clothes and empty hangers, i never really had organization for my clothes, never really thought about it. ( i used to be a pile picker) Yes Yes i know!!! Well know i want something that can work with me.

I'm tired of going through piles of clothing picking out what i think is clean, having to do the sniff test really isnt proper. Time to grow up? I think so for me at-least.

Soooooo I'll show you what i have to work with and then ill show you my outcome, How fun eh?

I had recently painted the trim on the outside white, as i'm prepping to paint my walls that oh so pretty red you see behind the door.

As you can see its pretty basic. There was nothing when we moved in so i took a trip to the dollar store and bought shower curtain rods, i thought i was being smart. HAHA So what happened was if you see the brown boarder on the inside it stick out just enough to make sure that the rod wouldn't fall, its not wide enough to have the front bar and back bar full of clothes, i tried to put one rod up high (shirts) and one down low (pants) but that idea failed as the rods would just fall (they are pressure mounted shower curtain rods). So i need to figure something that would work in that tiny space to hold my shirts,pants,purses and i would like a space to hold delicates like panties,bras and socks.

1. Go thought clothing and donate items that you don't wear.
2. Organize your clothing, shirts and pants.
3. Count everything that you need to hang, take note of what you want folded.

So after alot of work, I found a good solution. I found a white shelf out for garbage and i just had to grab it as there was nothing wrong with it. What better to use it for then storage of course :P

I had two pressure mounted shower curtain rods that made everything doable (got them from the dollar store) I used the top one for my purses, originally i was going to use it to hang pants, i couldn't reach high enough to mount it and with the shelf i didnt really need it for pants. Overall im very very happy. I'm in the process of painting my room and the color on the walls is this ugly peachy color, the previous people had painted the door so i repainted the trim around the door and painted the front of the door.

Do you need to declutter?
What solutions do you have for small closet spaces?


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