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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Julep swatch and review

So again another review a friend and I painted our nails together and she used some colors from my big julep contest win . She loved all the green summer colors, she opted to paint one nail green for st pattys day.
First colour is Tracy and the green is Sofia.

It seemed she had more luck withthese colours
  then I had with the colours in the this post. It went on smooth but required 2 coats, the colours she chose had sparkles in them. I have to say I'm pretty impressed it looks smooth and really nice paired with the polymer top coat it just looks amazing, I asked her what she would rate it and she said 10/10. If you like sparkly nail polish then I suggest  grabbing these. Colours . The Tracy has a purple blue hue to it.

Do you have lots of nail polish?
Do you like to invite your friends over for nail polish party's?


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