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Monday, 12 May 2014

Is there a trick to applying nail polish correctly?

Have you ever had issues putting on nail polish?
Or do you feel that it would take a rocket scientist to put it on?

Generally go with the thin coat method and do one hand at a time. You should  use a quality polish so it won't gunk up while applying or having to apply multiple layers,  OPI usually has a very easy workable formula and a vast array of colors to choose from, i find them to me moderately priced.
When getting the polish on the brush, I usually dip the entire brush in, then as I pull it up, I pull the side of the brush facing me up against the bottle, removing the majority of polish from the side I won't be using to paint with. (This usually prevents excess polish from dripping onto my nail or creating the thick layer which is difficult to dry). 

Do not try to wipe off any polish against the bottle from the second side of the brush because then the layer will be TOO thin. I usually do three strokes: one down the middle, two on either side to cover up my entire nail. I'm right handed and start painting my left hand first, and move on to my other fingers, By this time the first few nails I started with have dried a bit so I can begin my second coat. Sometimes I do have trouble with my thumb which hasn't dried enough so my second coat will goop up a bit at the tip of my thumbnail. I usually do 2-3 coats with OPI and Essie polishes to achieve full opacity.
Before you add your top coat you should always make sure the nail polish has dried.The best amount of time is about 30 minutes OR of you are busy at least 10 minutes until you add your top coat.

Step 1 – Make sure your hands and nails are thoroughly cleansed, cleaned, and free of cuticles. If you prefer having not having your cuticles removed, feel free to do so.
Step 2 – Gently apply a thin coat of your color of choice. If you have intact cuticles, apply over them as well. Let it dry.
Step 3 – Carefully apply a second coat. Let dry once again.
Step 4 – Apply a top coat of clear nail polish to seal the color in. Let dry.

Should you encounter problems with messy sides, simply wash your hands in hot soapy water, rinse with cold water, and gently rub the messy sides to remove it. You will be left with nothing but clean and wonderfully looking colored nails.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Prime Cables 3ft HDMI High speed Ethernet cord

Wow try saying the tittle like 5 times over lol

okay So prime Cables was kind enough to send me one of their products to review, and there will be a giveaway!!!

Okay so most of us should know what a hdmi cable is, do not worry though i will tell you if you dont.

An HDMI cable is used for computer and hardware connections. Most commonly, an HDMI cable is used to connect a high-definition cable box (or DVR) to a television. The HDMI cable has the best connection, meaning that it does the best job of any cable in transferring a high-quality image. If you try connecting an HD box to a TV with coaxial (traditional) cable, the picture will not be as nice

So with that in mind i have a hdmi that i had been using with my tv for a couple years, and its worked fine sound and everything, Now with this hdmi cord you can feel that its made to last and just feels worth more, my old one is just a normal cord while the prime cable cord was flat and thick, with GOLD ends :D

If you dont have a hdmi cord or are looking to replace a cord i suggest Prime Cables.

These are the specs from the website for the specific 3ft cable.

3FT Premium HDMI High Speed Ethernet Flat Tpye Male to Male 24 Gold Plated
HDMI 1.4 Certified High Speed Cable with Ethernet 
Flat HDMI Cables are able to support extremely high resolutions much beyond standard 1080p or 1440p.
Top notch material with Braiding, Aluminum & Triple shield

Future proof for resolutions up to 4K or 4096x2160 
Supports Video Bandwidth above latest HDMI Standards 387MHz (far beyond 10.2 Gbps) 

Ethernet Data Channel allows devices with HDMI 1.4 to share a high speed network connection and internet connectivity without a separate ethernet cable 
Designed to support TV's with high refresh rates (up to 800MHz) 
Due to high bandwidth video support, this cable is fully able to transfer 3D content. Experience true 3D movies from newer 3D enabled BluRay players 

Audio Return Channel will allow the user to eliminate excess cables which are connecting the TV and audio receiver to single a HDMI cable 

Supports all digital audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio 
Flat Technology allows longer cable lengths because of the lower cross talk 
Cable Type: HDMI 1.4
Cable Connector A: HDMI Male
Cable Connector B: HDMI Male
Connector Material: Gold Plated
Shielded: Yes
HDMI 19-Pins Specification
HDMI Spec:High Speed HDMI
Solid-copper conductors
Shielding level: Triple
Shielding type: EMI
Ferrite Cores: Yes

I noticed a reasonable difference in speed and video quality. I only use my tv speakers and it sounds the same, This cord is Defiantly  shield proof!! i love this cable so much.

There are honestly no con's that i can find, other then this specific cord is a bit short.

Rocksmith 2014 review

I have ALWAYS wanted to play guitar, i think in school i just wasn't able to sit still or it just wasn't a big interest of mine back then (wayyyy back then :P )

okay i am a total noob, i can't read music, i know a little from what this game has taught me. I never played guitar hero so i cant compare the two.  My neighbor got the game (rcksmith 20140 and raved about it, so while on facebook i found someone selling a Burswood guitar, amp , and guitar stand. in a local buy and sell group.

I got it for a steal, $25.00 and it was all mine, i was finally going to own my first guitar (electric)

Right away i borrowed rocksmith from my neighbor and started on the lessons, i have to tell you i thought i was going to get angry and give up, but the way they show you how to do everything its so simple and easy and its very patient while you learn. So here i am actually doing and completing some of the lessons on learning how to play. 

Then they have a learn song section where they start you off super easy and it gets harder slowly as you progress. they have games to learn certain things you need to know.

I went from knowing nothing to knowing what frets,slides,chords,strings,tuning,palm mutes all with this game and MORE!!! 

I might have to do a second blog about this game as there is just SOOOO much you can do, if you want to learn or have wanted to learn how to play guitar then you need to get this game!!! make sure when you buy the game you get the cord that goes from the guitar to usb, i have rocksmith for ps3 and PC (PC you need a really good computer to run the game or it lags like in the video below)

Sooo knowing nothing to playing like this within a month

this game is amazing and would make a perfect gift!!! ps3,pc,xbox360
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