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Friday, 9 May 2014

Prime Cables 3ft HDMI High speed Ethernet cord

Wow try saying the tittle like 5 times over lol

okay So prime Cables was kind enough to send me one of their products to review, and there will be a giveaway!!!

Okay so most of us should know what a hdmi cable is, do not worry though i will tell you if you dont.

An HDMI cable is used for computer and hardware connections. Most commonly, an HDMI cable is used to connect a high-definition cable box (or DVR) to a television. The HDMI cable has the best connection, meaning that it does the best job of any cable in transferring a high-quality image. If you try connecting an HD box to a TV with coaxial (traditional) cable, the picture will not be as nice

So with that in mind i have a hdmi that i had been using with my tv for a couple years, and its worked fine sound and everything, Now with this hdmi cord you can feel that its made to last and just feels worth more, my old one is just a normal cord while the prime cable cord was flat and thick, with GOLD ends :D

If you dont have a hdmi cord or are looking to replace a cord i suggest Prime Cables.

These are the specs from the website for the specific 3ft cable.

3FT Premium HDMI High Speed Ethernet Flat Tpye Male to Male 24 Gold Plated
HDMI 1.4 Certified High Speed Cable with Ethernet 
Flat HDMI Cables are able to support extremely high resolutions much beyond standard 1080p or 1440p.
Top notch material with Braiding, Aluminum & Triple shield

Future proof for resolutions up to 4K or 4096x2160 
Supports Video Bandwidth above latest HDMI Standards 387MHz (far beyond 10.2 Gbps) 

Ethernet Data Channel allows devices with HDMI 1.4 to share a high speed network connection and internet connectivity without a separate ethernet cable 
Designed to support TV's with high refresh rates (up to 800MHz) 
Due to high bandwidth video support, this cable is fully able to transfer 3D content. Experience true 3D movies from newer 3D enabled BluRay players 

Audio Return Channel will allow the user to eliminate excess cables which are connecting the TV and audio receiver to single a HDMI cable 

Supports all digital audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio 
Flat Technology allows longer cable lengths because of the lower cross talk 
Cable Type: HDMI 1.4
Cable Connector A: HDMI Male
Cable Connector B: HDMI Male
Connector Material: Gold Plated
Shielded: Yes
HDMI 19-Pins Specification
HDMI Spec:High Speed HDMI
Solid-copper conductors
Shielding level: Triple
Shielding type: EMI
Ferrite Cores: Yes

I noticed a reasonable difference in speed and video quality. I only use my tv speakers and it sounds the same, This cord is Defiantly  shield proof!! i love this cable so much.

There are honestly no con's that i can find, other then this specific cord is a bit short.


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