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Friday, 9 May 2014

Rocksmith 2014 review

I have ALWAYS wanted to play guitar, i think in school i just wasn't able to sit still or it just wasn't a big interest of mine back then (wayyyy back then :P )

okay i am a total noob, i can't read music, i know a little from what this game has taught me. I never played guitar hero so i cant compare the two.  My neighbor got the game (rcksmith 20140 and raved about it, so while on facebook i found someone selling a Burswood guitar, amp , and guitar stand. in a local buy and sell group.

I got it for a steal, $25.00 and it was all mine, i was finally going to own my first guitar (electric)

Right away i borrowed rocksmith from my neighbor and started on the lessons, i have to tell you i thought i was going to get angry and give up, but the way they show you how to do everything its so simple and easy and its very patient while you learn. So here i am actually doing and completing some of the lessons on learning how to play. 

Then they have a learn song section where they start you off super easy and it gets harder slowly as you progress. they have games to learn certain things you need to know.

I went from knowing nothing to knowing what frets,slides,chords,strings,tuning,palm mutes all with this game and MORE!!! 

I might have to do a second blog about this game as there is just SOOOO much you can do, if you want to learn or have wanted to learn how to play guitar then you need to get this game!!! make sure when you buy the game you get the cord that goes from the guitar to usb, i have rocksmith for ps3 and PC (PC you need a really good computer to run the game or it lags like in the video below)

Sooo knowing nothing to playing like this within a month

this game is amazing and would make a perfect gift!!! ps3,pc,xbox360

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