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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A new study found the cheapest polish is the pick of the litter

I admit that i have learned to be frugal and take small risks (such as buying dollarstore nail polish)

I have noticed that some brands were really good, and some not so great. the investment of $1-3 isn't that bad compared to the $6-12 Brand Name nail polish that everyone raves about. Not saying that Well known brands aren't good because they are but when you have a budget, and you see a color you like and its only $2.00 , Why not indulge and add it to your collection.

A $2.00 Nail Polish was found to be more long lasting and better then high end polishes out there, according to a recent Consumer Reports test.

Find out What the TOP @ 2.00 Polish was HERE.

What brands do you use? How long do they last?


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