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Thursday, 10 July 2014

BORED? Fun Games

Risk Risk is a good old game. This version is one player and its pretty difficult but very fun. This game is fun for the whole family. the only disadvantage is that it is one player.


There is a version that you can play with friends on POGO.COM

This is a grate game that makes you think ahead, its great for children 7+

Tetris (insert old Tetris song)

Tetris has always been a favorite, who can not love interlocking pieces together?
This version is on Facebook. It has many play options like 1 on 1 , 1VS6, 1VS3 and they have a old version. So many playing options. With each VS you gain levels, for example you might be level 10 in 1VS1 but 2 in 1VS6. This game is so much fun and is a great family game.  PLAY HERE

Pool is one of the TOP games played, with so many versions, what one is the best?
I am just in love with MINICLIPS Facebook game  ball pool. It connects you with random players to test your skills. You gain rank by playing. You can customize your table and stick. This for me was the EST pool game that i have tried, you can even challenge your friends. This game is great for family that love pool and are competitive :P This game can also be played on mobile.  PLAY HERE


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