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Monday, 7 July 2014

Nail Polish Swapping & Selling On Facebook

If you have been following me from the beginning, then you would know that i'm still very new to everything in the blogging world (i'm learning ;) . My love for Nail Polish is at like 100%. right now, all the colors and the even more creative things you can see people doing now with nail art.

I have been an addict since forever ago. I have always been drawn to the amazing colors choices. I started out by buying the L.A Colors from the dollar store, If my boyfriend seen the amount that high brands go for , i don't think i would ever be able to buy any, shh ;)

So i had found this relatively inexpensive option that worked for me.
I had won abut 19 polishes from a contest Julep was doing. (Read about it HERE)

Now Facebook groups aren't  anything new to me, it hadn't come across me that there might be pages where people come and sell and swap their polishes, the first page that i joined was Julep Swap. I was amazed at this huge group of active people, selling and swapping. It wasn't just a buy and sell page. The people are a nail community, a place to show off your polish and skills.

I first tested the waters and seen what people swapped and sold to see how it worked, after about two weeks i took the plunge and bought my first, Second hand polish.

I made the purchase though Paypal, It was quick and easy and about 2-3 days later i got my polish.
I love it and i recommend looking for local nail polish community's in your area, or a place where they ship to your location. As always buyer beware and always make sure that you are cautious and careful when buying anything online. This is a great way to get Hard To Get Polishes, or a good way to trade out old polish for new.


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