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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Friday Health Topic- Depression

Friday Health Topic- Depression

My personal story

This Fridays topic felts necessary after the passing of Robin Williams. As many of you know Robin Williams battled depression. He took his own life like many others worldwide that suffer from depression.

Depression isn't racist or sexist it can and does effect many.

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I personally have battled with depression my whole life, I was bullied all through school that attributed to my depression even today. When I was younger there wasn't much support for a 12-year-old. I was often told that I was too young to be depressed. Depression consumed my life, it played a role in the bad decisions that I had made. such as trying to loose myself in substance abuse. Self-harm and continuing to live in an unhealthy relationship (13-18)

There wasn't much support growing up, and having family issues already (two brothers with ADHD) my youngest brother was a handful and when we would go to counselling as a family attention was directed to my younger brother, even when they had me one on one it was always about my brother. I never really got the help that I needed.

I was loosing control, I was constantly doing drugs to numb the pain I was feeling inside. It wasn't until I found myself alone on my birthday, high on cocaine that I realized that I was better than the drugs I was pumping into my body. My parents had no clue what was going on as I tried to keep everything secretive.

When not doing drugs I was very sensitive emotional and I started self-harm. Often hiding it from everyone it was a way for me to feel or release what I was feeling inside. the scars will last a lifetime. I started to realize that I was just making myself uglier. I don't know how to explain how I stopped, but I started to appreciate my skin.

Many other things contributed to my adolescent depression such as poverty and family problems. As many that grow up with very little, know that its hard. Food isn't always there, having to wear ripped and unfitting clothing, being constantly bullied.

I got through the rough patch of my depression when I was finally diagnosed with having depression, unfortunately i started having panic attacks. I went to the hospital and was given a psychologist and anti-anxiety medication and depression medication. I started looking online more and reading stories and found that I'm not alone. I found that not being quiet about my depression helped. Talking always helps, airing out issues and gaining insight to what other people perceive your situation to be and offer solutions or support. I found that the medication was working, each day I felt better inside (it took time to find the right medication for me)

Anyone reading this, please if you think or are depressed please know that its nothing to be ashamed about. You should always find someone that you can freely and openly talk to when needed. If you need help please seek it. There are thousands of people that try to hide their depression. by being open about your feelings, you can feel a release within.I will be coming back to this subject with resources on how to overcome depression.

If you need help please seek it there are helplines that are for anyone, I will include some resources.

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blah therapy is a great website, you can anonymously vent to someone random or you can be the listener. I tested out this site and found it to be a hit and miss, but a great way to vent, the only downside is that you could be getting advice from someone very young.

daily strength Is a forum based website

psych central Forum based

*Search Facebook groups for depression, you will find allot, please read the rules before you enter to see if it's the right group for you. If you happen to know of a group please leave a link below.

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  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing! Keep strong.

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  3. Samantha, I'm touched by the compassion and care in your message. Depression is behind the mask many wear and I pray for the day when the stigma will truly be lifted. The kit is a helpful too. (I couldn't comment on the post you added to Awesome s I picked this one.