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Saturday, 2 August 2014

FRIDAY HEALTH TOPIC- Generalized Anxiety

Friday Health Topic

Generalized Anxiety

Yes i know im behind in my Friday posting, i felt a little under the weather, but im back and only one day behind, not to shabby.

Todays Health Topic is Generalized Anxiety, last week i had posted about social anxiety, i figured this would go hand in hand and better explain both.

Generalized anxiety effects alot of people, its the evil monster in most of our lives, like that dark cloud in cartoons that just follows us around raining and storming while we watch other people have fun in the sun.

Everyone at one point in their life has had anxiety, for some of us its something that sticks mentally, others often don't understand because they  were so easily to get past the feeling. i have often been told "its all in my head" Anxiety falls under the invisible disabilitys, people cannot see how it effects your mind and body on a daily basis. If the option to just shun the thoughts we have we would all be fine. It's not like those of us who suffer from this want to live in fear daily.


Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
GAD affects 6.8 million adults, or 3.1% of the U.S. population.
Women are twice as likely to be affected as men.

Signs and Symptoms

People with GAD cant seem to get rid of  their concern, even though they usually realize their anxiety is more intense then any situation warrants.

-Hard time relaxing
-Startle easily
-Difficulty concentrating
-Trouble falling asleep

Physical symptoms

-Muscle tension/achs
-Felling out of breath

If you think you have Anxiety the first person you should contact is your doctor, if anxiety is diagnosed the next step is often seeing a mental health professional.

In most cases every route has been exhausted medically, taking medications that don't work. You should never stop taking any medication you are on, please go see your doctor if medication you are on isn't working or voice concerned to the pharmacy.

You can skip past this part if you want its going to be my experience.

I moved to Ontario from Calgary, to be with someone and everything was going great, until one day i felt like i had to throw up all the time, i felt so ashamed, while driving around wanting to scream STOP so i could get out and be to scared to throw up. This is when my anxiety started, i didn't even know what anxiety was or how it effects the body. I chalked it up to just a bad day and a upset stomach, the next day i was experiencing the same things but this time i didn't have to throw up i felt like i was literally going to die. I was pale white, and sweaty and just wanted to escape to a safe place, I started staying home. I was living with my boyfriends parents (while we found our own place) I felt pressure everyday, none of them understood and often got upset as i couldn't leave  the house without feeling really sick.

I had finally had enough, i went to a doctor and explained to him what was going on, he gave me some medication and off i went, i remember feeling like i was on the cloud and every couple of minutes there was a big storm inside that could, the medication was making me feel worse!! AHH

So off to the hospital i went, (emergency) i had finally had enough, they had someone from mental health come see me and changed up my medications.

I was feeling better but the worst was to come i started having really bad attacks and Depersonalization. My new doctor where i am now doesn't see anxiety as something real, he wont refer me to the program at the hospital for CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Thereapy) Right now im taking medication to help ease my anxiety. i still limit myself on when i go out and when i interact with people. I'm currently taking Cymbalta and lorazapram for depression/anxiety.

I have found that by pushing myself that i have come further each time, leaving to go to the corner store, staying in town, A couple weeks ago i even went to the beach!!! this is a huge improvement for myself, i had my anxiety medication in my pocket just incase and didn't need it that day.

To anyone who doesn't understand think of it like this.

You constantly worry about everything, always thinking what if?  In every situation you find something that might go wrong. When you find yourself in a compromising position you start to sweat, your heart beats really fast, your feet go numb. These all feel REAL as you are experiencing them.

It's important to remember that the symptoms or anxiety cannot kill you, no one has ever died from having a panic attack, in most cases where people feel like they are going to faint usually don't. Please understand that when someone is having a panic attack do not suggest its only in their head,it only makes the person think more and feel that what they are feeling is wrong.

There are many ways to help someone you love.

-By googling and reading all the information you want about GA
-By joining facebook support groups or online forums


  1. Wow I can't imagine what you must be going through. Not sure why the doctor would not see this as "real" you need to see another doctor maybe. I know few people that get anxiety attacks =(

    1. Cause her dr is an idiot. I would be dead if I hadnt dropped him yrs ago. He is an arrogant a hole that wants to blame everything on weight. You have pain? You're fat. You are depressed? You're fat. He is useless as they come. I really really hope she can find a new dr. But it is hard around here.

  2. Brave, and LOVE this personal piece. I'll be writing about anxiety and other disorders too. It needs to be a healthily open conversation. :-)