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Friday, 24 October 2014

How Insomnia and RLS is effecting my life

How I yearn for the days where closing my eyes was simple, drifting off into the dreamworld. Waking up feeling full of energy. Being able to do the things a regular sleeping person can do. Cleaning, Organization, Thinking ahead creating meal plans..

 When I try to sleep , my legs will shake like crazy a feeling that is hard to explain. I found that the need to shake was moving into my hands. after being frustrated and almost in tears, I tried to Google my symptoms, it came up as Restless Leg Syndrome.

While I couldn't find any natural remedies I did find that I could be low on iron, or I have the beginning stages of Parkinson (highly unlikely) If you have problems sleeping please check out the Friday health topic for Insomnia HERE I'm finding that while I'm going through this, its taking a toll on me mentally. Not being able to sleep. Then crashing for many hours, or right through the day. It is messing with my internal clock. I have found that lack of sleep has me jumping sacred at harmless things like my cat jumping up on my bed.

 These are some things that I am trying to help my body get the rest it needs. First is with anxiety I shouldn't be drinking caffeine, I have never been a huge coffee fan. I do have a soft spot for ice cappuccino from Tim Horton. I used to buy one daily but have really stopped in the past 3 months. It's best to avoid any caffeine at night or before you go to sleep. ( Please keep in mind soda has caffeine and other products, you should always check to make sure)

 Exercise is a huge way to help- So often i blame my disabilities on not being able to be active, but enough is enough. I NEED to push myself if you aren't active you should be. Just reading hundreds of other people talking abut the benefits was encouraging. Not only does exercise help with Insomnia but it is beneficial to other things like joint pain, anxiety, stroke prevention, weight loss, diabetes, helps improve your mood and increase energy.

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  1. Hi thanks these are some great tips tout fall asleep