Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Scentsy story & review

If you don't already know about Scentsy you are missing out on an orgasm in your nose. I Have animals two dogs and three cats.I can only imagine that my house doesn't always smell as fresh as it should. I have used the product that you spray in the air, but it never really did anything but coat everything in its toxic substance.

Or buying those scary ones where you may catch a pump in your eye or guests who don't know you have them in certain areas may get maced in the face.

 I was reluctant to fall for the big craze that everyone was talking about. Instead, I got a glade burner for a good price, I was on my way to see if this could really be better.

The scents for glade lack selection. There really isn't much to pick from.

My friend started selling it so I caved in and bought peppermint dreams to melt in my glade warmer. It smelled Soo good! I think when I first smelled it melting I was in love with Scentsy. I decided that I should go with a proper Scentsy burner so I got the Zen Rock. ( As I write this I'm melting a sample of Black raspberry vanilla)

I have to say I do love this product. I didn't think that I would like it or that it would really do anything. I was Wrong. Not only does it fill the space with an amazing smell but they have so much you can pick from. The only downside is that you take a gamble on buying scents that you might not like. They should have scratch and sniff magazines or something LOL

It's totally worth the investment. If you are scent sensitive talk to your Scentsy rep. They are usually very friendly. Sometimes they can./try to provide samples. You could totally join a party or host your own and get decent discounts for doing so.

The cost of a burner I must admit is a bit high. My rep was able to get me a decent deal on mine. So having a party even an online one could be a great way to get a burner at a good price.

My Rep is Anita in Niagara Falls ON

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