Wednesday, 4 March 2015

5 Healthy Ways To Remove Negativity From Your Life

5 Ways to Remove Negativity From Your Life

It's safe to say that everyone has run into negativity in their life. Be it Social or Personal. We always tend to be the worst critics of ourselves.

I see many unhappy people flood my facebook feed with depressing statuses. I want to help but fear that I would just sound like a broken record. I would like to share some ways that have helped me gain positive outlooks in my life, despite having mental illness.

1. OBSERVE- Observe your life. Take note of things that make you unhappy and try to find ways to change it around. Talking to someone can help as they can point out things that you miss. It's often we can have something in front of us but miss it totally

2.TRACK- Keep a journal. Something that is only for you. When you write down your thoughts each day. You would be surprised to find when you go back you can see patterns on how you feel and the triggers that make you unhappy. If you decide to get a psychologist its a good way for them to track your feelings and it's easier to share if you wish to.

3.PURGE- People. We are surrounded every day by people family, friends even strangers. Some people can have a negative effect on us. Friends that always talk about negative things constantly, family that stresses us out with a number of things. Strangers on social media can be stressing. Try to distance yourself from unnecessary
 drama and negativity. This might be hard when you are younger or your living situations do not allow for you to be able to purge. What I suggest is talking to someone you feel safe talking to and they can help figure something out.

Take note of the company that you keep. Often Negativity can reflect from others to us or from us. Having a bad day at school or work can reflect on to someone happy who has had a relatively great day. If you surround yourself with generally unhappy people, it may start affecting you.

4. THINK- Start thinking more positive. If you feel positive then your outlook on things will be better. Find hobbies to help destress. When you find yourself leaning towards negativity
 try to bring yourself out of it

5. REMEMBER- That you are never alone in anything. If you feel like you are in a rut and need help please contact someone to talk to. If you know someone needs help tell them about this post and maybe it can help.
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