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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

5 Healthy Ways To Remove Negativity From Your Life

5 Ways to Remove Negativity From Your Life

It's safe to say that everyone has run into negativity in their life. Be it Social or Personal. We always tend to be the worst critics of ourselves.

I see many unhappy people flood my facebook feed with depressing statuses. I want to help but fear that I would just sound like a broken record. I would like to share some ways that have helped me gain positive outlooks in my life, despite having mental illness.

1. OBSERVE- Observe your life. Take note of things that make you unhappy and try to find ways to change it around. Talking to someone can help as they can point out things that you miss. It's often we can have something in front of us but miss it totally

2.TRACK- Keep a journal. Something that is only for you. When you write down your thoughts each day. You would be surprised to find when you go back you can see patterns on how you feel and the triggers that make you unhappy. If you decide to get a psychologist its a good way for them to track your feelings and it's easier to share if you wish to.

3.PURGE- People. We are surrounded every day by people family, friends even strangers. Some people can have a negative effect on us. Friends that always talk about negative things constantly, family that stresses us out with a number of things. Strangers on social media can be stressing. Try to distance yourself from unnecessary
 drama and negativity. This might be hard when you are younger or your living situations do not allow for you to be able to purge. What I suggest is talking to someone you feel safe talking to and they can help figure something out.

Take note of the company that you keep. Often Negativity can reflect from others to us or from us. Having a bad day at school or work can reflect on to someone happy who has had a relatively great day. If you surround yourself with generally unhappy people, it may start affecting you.

4. THINK- Start thinking more positive. If you feel positive then your outlook on things will be better. Find hobbies to help destress. When you find yourself leaning towards negativity
 try to bring yourself out of it

5. REMEMBER- That you are never alone in anything. If you feel like you are in a rut and need help please contact someone to talk to. If you know someone needs help tell them about this post and maybe it can help.


  1. Thank you so much for this. I have often wondered why I feel so negative in life when I used to be bubbly and it all stems down to the company that I keep. I have finally realized that my friends negativity was starting to effect me. Now that I know I can help her reach out for help and stop surrounding myself with her problems. GREAT post one of the best i have seen. Keep keeping it real girl

  2. I had the same issue with choosing negative influences in my life- "Misery loves company" is a commonly used saying for a reason, I suppose.
    I've found that keeping a journal was a great help and, like you pointed out, it came in handy during therapy.
    Oh! If you haven't already, I suggest checking out the site www.happify.com
    Even small changes can make all the difference.

  3. Great points.some times in life we are really away from positivity and we see in everything just bad things.its importamt to be able to see also in bad a good point and positivity

  4. These are great ways to remove negativity from your life. After I had my son I removed everyone from my social media pages who made me think badly about myself. I also distanced myself from people in 'real life' who I didn't feel were true friends. Now I think and feel a lot more positively about myself and my life.

  5. This is such a beautiful post, very well written and absolutely true. We all experience negativity in some shape or form and its about talking about it, distancing ourselves from things that always brings us down and seeking help

  6. Great tips. Two years ago I survived my 2nd open heart surgery. My life has completely changed since then. I refuse to give up a single day to negativity. Thanks for the post!

  7. I think I'm prone to noticing B.S. or negativity right away from someone, I have that extra instinct to sniff it out so to speak. So, I do know that I shouldn't be friends or steer clear of them for the meanwhile. So much observing, and purging. Love the blog post!

  8. This post was such a great reminder of how we tend to waste our time focusing on the negative parts of life instead of the remarkably beautiful aspects. I have taken steps to hide negative people from social media (and avoided them as much as possible in real life as well) and it has been such a positive relief. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.


  9. Very useful tips. Putting a cap on negativity is something I have been working on for awhile. I have discovered that limiting contact with those that are always negative has been the best help for me.

  10. I love the purge the people!! I removed some negative people from my life and the results have bene amazing!! There are some I can’t completely remove but I have cut time around them down drastically!! Great ideas!

  11. Thanks so much for this article and for these great tips. Negativity can be a powerful force in our lives, and it's never a force for good. We have to do everything we can to limit its influence, and if we can't overcome it we HAVE to ask for help!

  12. One of my friends deactivates her Facebook account for months when she encounters too much negativity in her feed. I have had to purge negative energy from my life, in the form of some friends. Sometimes, it's not worth the drain on your life that they may cause. I've been trying to focus on positive thinking lately. For instance, I have a ton a work to do – lots of clients requesting writing projects. Instead of dreading the inevitable (it has to get done), I've just been telling myself 'you got this,' 'you like doing this,' 'just get it over with, and move on.' It's been helping…and I sooooo can't wait until I can truly relax. Motivation!