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Friday, 31 July 2015

Wine Aerator By Bar Brat Review

Bar Brat Wine Aerator

 (I did another review for Bar Brat on their round ice cubes. If you missed it click HERE)

What is an Aerator you may ask? 

A wine aerator is a small device that is placed in the wine bottle. A pour through or decanter.

How does it work?

The aerator mixes air into the wine as it flows out the device, increasing oxygen. (helps air filter into the wine)

Why should you use one?

It has been said that using an aerator can make your wine taste smoother. Altering your wine to taste better. It can be used with red, white or rose wine.

Using an aerator accelerates the process of increasing oxygen.

My final thoughts?

I love this product. It's super easy to use and clean. I found that it made a cheap bottle of red wine actually taste pretty good. I tried it right out of the bottle and then with the Aerator and found that using Bar Brats Aerator that the wine was more smooth and I did taste a new fruitier taste. It made the wine very enjoyable. The low cost of the product would make a great gift for a wine connoisseur.
I will be trying this with white wine in the future. I picked up a bottle of Girls Night Out (strawberry and watermelon) and even in sparkling flavored wine the aerator makes it taste smooth and fruitier.

Other reasons I love this product:
-BPA free
-Made with acrylic (durable)
-Does not drip

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*


  1. WOW! I love wine and have never heard of this wine aerator before! It looks like something I want to check out more! I have a party coming up and I think this would be a good product to have! Think of all the conversations we could have just talking about it!

  2. This would work nicely as a gift for someone who drinks wine. I know a fellow blogger who is obssessed with it and this would be a nice thing for her to have. Will be passing along this info asap

  3. This is something new for me, I have never heard that oxygen being sucked into a wine bottle will make the wine smoother. I guess that shows how much I don't know about wines, but I think its pretty cool and will have to try it out.

  4. I have not had wine in years!! I think this would be a great gift for my girlfriend who is always buying cheap wine when she would rather the good stuff. I have never used one of these sounds interesting.

  5. This is a cool and great device to have for wine lovers. I learned something today. I didn't know that the wine will become smoother when oxygen is mixed into it. This would make a great gift idea.

  6. I've never heard of an aerator, but it sounds like it could be a big money saver as a good bottle of wine can be quite expensive. I think this would make an excellent gift for people who like to entertain.

  7. I probably wouldn't use one since I don't enough wine but I have several friends that could use this. This is a great Christmas gift or a housewarming party gift. Thanks for sharing, I'm keeping it on my shopping list. - Sarah Must Have Mom

  8. My Dad is huge into wine-making and always gives me the run down of his new goodies and products he's purchased for the whole wine making process. To be honest, I don't understand it all. I just want a glass of wine, and his wine tastes delicious. I think he already has one of these aerator too, because I've seen something similar at my parents house when they crack open a new bottle at the dinner table.

  9. I have heard of aerators but never really knew why they were used so thank you for the explanation! My mother in law would love this- I will have to add this to my Christmas ideas list!