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Saturday, 2 January 2016

VersionTech Updated Version G2000 Review

               VersionTech G2000 Gaming Headset Review

Let me start out by saying that I have owned Cheap and mid-priced headsets, for online gaming with PC or gaming with a system. They have honestly all failed and ended up like this.

I have issues because I have at least 2 boxes full of broken headsets and random cords. How I got to the pile of crap was, well buying low-grade crap... A buck here two there. Ten or more and I found that they started to go to crap with either headset speakers microphone or the cords that would get caught in the chair... not to mention CATS!!

I have been getting into more gaming these days and a headset is a must to communicate to make friends and form groups. I had recently bought 2 Bluetooth standard headsets for my neighbour and myself and I might as well have just took my money and burned it. I couldn't hear ANYTHING. It was just one of those ones that you can use with your phone type deal and it wasn't working out at all.

I had been contemplating what to get. What was a good price? Was I going to get something that sucked and would end up in the box. Right now wasting money on crap is not an option. I started looking on amazon.ca and looked up reviews. My search had gone on for several months me being very hesitant. I approached by VersionTech to review their VersionTech Updated Version G2000.

I placed my order and it came super fast. I ripped open that amazon box and there it was this amazing box holding my new headset as things were flying and I had the G2000 in my hands, it was like i was holding a light wicked transformer headset. Very sleek and smooth design. The colour is just amazing. I couldn't wait I plugged them into my laptop, as I slid them on my head the COMFORT all around was like sliding a cloud on my head, my ears fully cushioned I was ready.... The sound was amazing. Better than what my laptop has been pumping out lately I am impressed. It was then that I had to use the washroom and when coming back I noticed this great big blue glowing!!!! DUH the awesome headset has USB lights making it glow when hooked up with USB. Another great feature is the cord isn't that cheap plastic crap it's got a material feel that when rolled on won't just snap.

Overall this is a great product in my opinion and with the holidays coming around would make a great gift ( don't forget to visit the 2015 gift guide here) It worked perfect on PS4, Laptop and Tablet. sound was amazing and had no issues.


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