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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Do we really know what we are sharing?

Facebook is now a household name, You can't get away without hearing the words facebook. Elderly have picked up the social media in a way to connect with others or share the chain letters in the open instead of through email (YES MOM INCLUDES YOU). We use it to connect with family and friends. Play games. Most importantly share content.

Do we know what we are sharing?

What I want you to do is pause look at the posts you have been sharing. I can bet that most shares are, innocent funny pranks, the funny things people are doing, Viral videos shared across to MILLIONS. Also included are cute cat posts and the like. We share things that connect with us personally. To show our personalities.

While being able to share content helps connect us, I have to ask is it tearing us apart? Why are we shaming people? for example,
That woman on the subway looking all doped out Sleeping on the bus (Yes it might be funny or a situation that you have been in or funny as in outta this world) is it something that we should be sharing? I have seen THOUSANDS of posts like this that my friends share. You can't tell when someone wants to be filmed or have their picture shared to millions of people. People steal pictures all the time and add their words and share it.

 These people have lives,jobs,families They might have had a bad day? Down on their luck?? Don't look the way you want? In some cases of viral pictures going crazy people have lost their jobs (through no fault of their own) but the posting and cruel comments that come with it... it saddens me. We are more than this. We can stop it by not sharing videos or pictures that aim to attack the person in them

 I no longer want to be part of something so cruel. I don't do youtube due to this reason and keep all pictures as private as I can. I was a meme (or someone that looks very similar... it HURTS Think before you post is all I ask.


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