Thursday, 13 April 2017

My PLEXUS 7 day Challange

I was approached by a friend about plexus slim. She raved about her results. So I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to do the Plexus 7-day challenge.

The 7-day challenge consists of 7 slim pink (in individual packets) That you mix in water and drink it either in the morning or the afternoon. I always took mine in the afternoon.

Day-1.. I felt nothing
Day-2..I had a headache but was told this would happen as it's the body detoxing
Day-3..I felt like I had the extra energy a boost in the day, still had headaches.
Day-4.. A headache was gone and I found myself sleeping better
Day-5.. I felt no difference from day 4
Day-6..I felt the same as day 4
Day-7..I felt the same as day 4

When taking the pink slim drink it suggested that you drink LOTS of water. And eat a steady diet of fruits and vegetables and protein. staying away from junk food and carbs.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Avon Makeup brush set

I have always wanted on since I seen one. I was hesitant after reading reviews. All the good and the bad.. the bad mostly coming as fakes from china that frey away..

These three brushes I got from AVON are a bit different me but they do the job right. They blend smoothly and setup makeup where it should be.  nothing had flaked off and has quite a few applications

This big oval brush is for foundation
The linear brush is for concealer, eyes, and brows
The small round brush is for lipstick

Clean brushes with mild soapy water. Brushes; 12-15 cm L. Brush handle, polypropylene; brush fibers, synthetic

This brush set retails for 50.99 and you can order through a local rep or through www.avoncanada.ca or .com
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