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Everyone loves free money right? RIGHT?!? I know I do and I'm not going to bombard anyone with the top 100 apps or web pages where you make next to nothing, or it's just to much!! I only use one thing and that is Swagbucks. I have earned so much and haven't had to even put in any effort. Its simple & easy. If you follow the steps that I provide then you can be on your way to earning.

You use points that you earn to buy gift cards or even paypal money.

SWAGBUCKS - Almost everything you need to know about swagbucks and how to get the most out of it, on my personal list this is number 1

SUPERPOINTS- When you sign up you spin a wheel and start off with 20 spins. when you go up the ladder you will get 35 spins a day. This program isn't get rich quick at all. You cn do extra things like answer surveys (even if you aren't qualified you still receive compensation)  They have different things you can do to earn points. This would be good when you are bored. in about a year depeding on how much you do you could be redeeming something great!!! you do make points when refeferals jin but yu really dontt need them at first to get anywhere. Refferals arent a great deal  I will be linking full detils soon.

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